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Last year I drew Hope and Faith with the intention of donating to Relay Fot LIfe of Thurton County. I had special stickers made and donated them as well as sending a print of the moon and daffodil. My sister, Christy,has helped with this particular chapter of Relay for Life for a while. I am so greatful to be able to help in any small way. I was going to donate another print or two this year but decied to see if I could help more than that.

I am extending this fundraiser until the end of July 2019 I will be donating a percentage of Hope and Faith purchaces to Relay for LIfe of Thurston county. The more purchaces made the more percentage I will donate!

Hope and Faith is available in sticker, as well as all three print sizes.


My Process

Inspiration comes from so many places it is hard to list them. I love when customers make suggestions, I also frequently draw things with a family member in mind. I do not sit down with a pre-planned image or design pattern. I sketch the image outline, starting with paper and pencil. Typically I draw the image a few times before inking the outline. Once the outline looks right it is time to add the fun stuff. Sometimes I draw the details and designs and then color them in. Other times I color in the image and then ink the details and fine lines.

Whimsical Names and Stories

Once the animal, or image, is done it is time for a name. For most of my animals I look up their characteristics and symbolism. It could be the totem or dream meaning, or their significance to different cultures. Then I find names that have a similar meaning to the animal characteristics and symbolism. I truly enjoy this bit of my process. For my plants, hobbies, dinosaurs, and mythical animals I find names that just seem right to me. They could be related to characteristics, fun names you don’t hear anymore, or just a name that strikes my fancy. I don’t like to use common names that your hear everyday, because well you hear them all the time!

On a side note I try to use each letter of the alphabet, a few letters are much easier to find names for.